Remembering Fighters and Flyers of WW II

In honor of my grandfather, S/Sgt John Paul Deffinger, I dedicate these pages to all those who served during World War II.

S/Sgt John Paul Deffinger was a B-17 Ball Turret Gunner with the 303rd Bomb Group (360th Bomb Squadron), better known as the "Hell's Angels."

303rd Bomb Group Logo

The 303rd Bomb Group was one of the original heavy bomber groups to join the 8th Army Air Force stationed at Molesworth, England from 1942 to 1945.
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Information on:

360th Coppom Crew, Lt. John F. Coppom, Pilot (crew notes and photos).

360th Cogswell Crew, Capt. Robert W. Cogswell, Pilot (crew notes and photos).

360th Hicks Crew, Lt. David F. Hicks, Pilot (crew notes and photos).

360th Skerpon Crew, Lt. Melvin Skerpon, Pilot (crew notes and photos).

360th Stevens Crew, Lt. Joseph E. Stevens, Pilot (crew notes).

Other Missions Flown by the 303rd Bomb Group (missions list).

John F. Coppom Crew

303rd B-17s in Action Flak so thick you could almost taxi around on it B-17G Formation Bomb Drop Pictures of 303rd Bomb Group Aircraft in action.

For more pictures of 303rd BG B-17s taken on
actual missions, CLICK HERE . .

Bomb damage photos taken from 303rd Bomb Group B-17s on actual missions.

These pictures show the incredible resolution possible from more than 25,000 feet altitudes.

For more BDA pictures, CLICK HERE, or on the pictures at the right.

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